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Nice to have you with us daily.
You are welcome in our virtual agency world!

At this point we would like to present you a first insight into our range of services.

We would be pleased to also welcome you soon personally with us!

Teams and partners of TPM practise for 10 years cross-selling and cooperative marketing. Trade with selected products from selected suppliers for selected customers operated internationally.


We offer: motor vehicles, technical equipment, food (e. g. rice, sugar, edible vegetable oil, milk powder and others), various commodities (e. g. precious metals), residential containers, textiles, products for the healthcare market etc.


The teams of TPM manage international projects for environment, energy and infrastructure. Objectives: marketing optimization, professional presentation to decision makers and successful marketing.

  internationale Projekte für Umwelt

TPM is cooperating in the network communication with impulse advertising agency.

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